My Favorite Item of the Week—Coated Denim

Coated Pants-Paige Denim—- Bloomingdale’s
Tshirt– Chaser– Revolve
Hi guys.  I decided to start writing a post once a week about my favorite item of that week–The piece that I could not stop obsessing about most. This week it was the coated denim pant (jeans or leggings).
Coated denim pants are really popular right now, but many ladies have told me how intimated they are by this trend. I suggest to invest in a great pair of black coated jeans or leggings. They look like they are leather, but instead are pants covered with a special coated layer on top. These pants are so hip and modern. When you choose a trendy piece like this, try to pair them with clothing that is more classic. I usually wear my coated pants at night with a fun, more flowy top and some great heels. For today’s post I felt like changing it up and showing you all how to wear this look during the day.
For a daytime look, I paired these black coated denim pants with a rocker chic tshirt (featuring one of my favorite 90’s bands, Nirvana), and added a simple black blazer and black converse tennis shoes. This look is so comfortable and easy to wear during the day while running errands and picking up my kids.   I am on the go everday just like all of you.  So why not look cute doing your daily activities? Investing in a pair of these coated denim pants is the perfect way to update your wardrobe and have some fun. And P.S. I am loving these Prada sunglasses. They always make me smile on sunny days. Try this look and let me know what you think.  Happy reading.
Love, Evelyne
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