Cathy’s 40th Birthday

Evelyne’s outfit–
Necklace–Twisted Silver
Shoes– Jimmy Choo
Hi guys. My amazing friend Cathy is turning the big 40. Cathy is one of my dearest and most special friends. She is an amazing listener, dinner partner and traveling companion. Cathy always knows the right thing to say at the right time. I’m so lucky to have her in my life. Her life is so hectic all the time–She has FIVE kids and is such a busy mom driving to hockey, dance, the beach and the list goes on and on. The one thing about Cathy is no matter how busy her life is, she always looks hip and stylish.
For her upcoming birthday my friend Kim, Cathy’s hubby Michael and I threw her a surprise party. She was so pleasantly shocked by all the family and friends that came to celebrate her. Cathy does so much for others and it was time to celebrate her. It was a blast.
Cathy wore a white dress with black trim and classic black booties. I loved this look. And she, along with all the guests looked fabulous. I really appreciated how everyone took their time to look their very best. It’s hard sometimes as moms to put yourself together for a fun night out. Everyone looked amazing.
I decided to wear these unique open slit pants from Nightcap. I’m obsessed with this line. Their style is so original. I paired these pants with a basic black shirt and some classic Jimmy Choo classic heels. I was also so lucky that day to see my hairstylist ( and one of my best friends) Rita, who styled my hair in this faux bob. I absolutely LOVED it. It was almost like an accessory that went with the outfit. This funky new faux bob changed my whole look. ┬áHave you ever tried a new hair look to complete your outfit? Let me know what you think. Happy Birthday Cathy! Love you!
Love, Evelyne
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