How to Set up a Creative Photoshoot (for Bloggers)

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If you’re following me on Instagram, you know I have a cohesive aesthetic in many of my pictures.

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Initially when I started blogging, I wanted to make sure every photo was different, new and exciting. I was doing location changes and outfit changes, and it was honestly so exhausting. But not too long ago, I decided to do something that changed my life in the blogging world. Instead of aspiring to be like someone else (I know we all do this, it’s so easy to compare what we’re doing to another blogger who seems to have it all together) I decided to simply JUST BE MYSELF. And by following this one simple notion, my entire career and perspective in blogging shifted.

No longer did I feel the pressure of finding the perfect backdrop for my “outfit of the week” photo. And I stopped perusing other profiles of people who seemed to be doing it “right.” Suddenly, what I was doing was already right. And now, when I take pictures with my amazing photographer, I don’t feel any pressure to be someone I’m not. To pose in a way that isn’t authentically me. When I’m in front of the camera, now I just smile and enjoy the moment. Today, my hope is that my post will encourage you no matter where you’re at in your blogging journey to JUST BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU. Don’t worry about how anyone else is doing it. Find what makes you happy and brings you joy, and just focus on that. Read on to learn more of my practical tips to setting up a creative photoshoot of your own.

Find the Right Photographer

It’s so important to find a photographer who fits your budget but most importantly gives you life when working together. Ultimately you have to bring the energy, but it’s so important to find someone you feel comfortable around and who just understands who you are and what your vision is. I found my photographer Kara around 3 years ago, and we just have this awesome little groove that we’ve found.

“I love photographing Evelyne! It’s so fun, and we have an ease and a flow since we’ve been working so long together.” – Kara

It’s Not as Hard as you Think

Like I said, you really don’t need to work harder, just smarter when it comes to setting up a creative photoshoot. My photographer actually just comes to my neighborhood and we shoot photos in front of my home, my garage, and other little locations that are really close by. This is so convenient for me, for her, and still creates an adorable (but still organic) feeling in all of my photos. I want people to feel connected to me, and like they’re home with me. If you want to add something a little extra you can incorporate props like balloons, or seasonal items. Think outside the box but don’t get too far away from what makes you, quintessentially YOU.

I hope you enjoyed my post, and check out some of my videos and behind the scenes photos from my most recent shoot!

How cute is this jacket from Apparis? I picked it up @elysewalker from my girl @anita_elysewalker. It is a must have for fall.

I just love this cute dress and from Zadig and Voltaire. And these boots are everything!!! I’m obsessed!

I’m obsessed with these sparkles in this jacket!! A must have for fall.





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