Friday Finds Inspired by Summer

Happy Friday!! Here are my Friday Finds for this week!!!

  1. Elta MD Sunscreen-–  You guys, this is hands down the BEST sunscreen. I brought it to Cabo (so perfect for vacay) and I wear it at home every day. You will love it.
  2. Z Supply Reverie Dress-– I talked about this dress last year during the quarantine. There are so many new colors. This is the ultimate in loungewear. My favorite dress for hanging out– and oh so comfy.
  3. Rummikub– We have been playing this as a family and with my girlfriends, our couple friends and the list goes on and on. It is so much fun. Thanks to my bestie Kellie for introducing me to this fun game.
  4. Temptation Island– Have you seen this yet? The newest season just ended. You can binge it now. You guys, it is one of my favorite guilty pleasures (and yes my hubby loves it too).
  5. Studio Mcgee Baskets-– The perfect storage baskets. I love them. I use them all over the house.

You can shop these goodies by clicking on the links above or the photos below. I can’t wait to hear which are your favorites. Happy Reading!!!

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