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Happy Makeup Monday friends. I am so excited to share with you my interview tomorrow on Instagram Live from 2-4 Pm PST with Dr. Susan Van Dyke. She is with Crepe Erase, which is a brand I absolutely love and have been using for the past year. Dr. Van Dyke will be able to answer any skin concerns or questions we might be having, especially during this time of COVID, and feeling uncomfortable visiting our dermatologist’s office in person. I have many questions and hope you do too. Some of my questions will cover the following skin concerns:

  1. Mascne– Yesssss!! Acne around our chin area because of wearing masks. Ugh. What do we do about it?
  2. This summer has been so so hot. What are her recommendations for sunscreens that we can wear everyday, that are not too thick or heavy.
  3. What about taking care of our skin on our bodies– not just our face? Making sure it stays soft and smooth.
  4. An everyday skincare routine for morning and evening.
  5. If we are not getting botox or fillers at this time (because we are limiting visits to the doctor’s office) what can we do to help make our skin look younger and reduce fine lines.
  6. Aging recommendations in general. What can we do to reduce lines around our mouth, eyes and face, like preventative measures.

So don’t forget to tune in and ask away. Can’t wait to see you there! Happy Reading!!! And you can shop my favorite Crepe Erase products by clicking on the photos below.





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