My Instagram Was Hacked

I have to share with you what just happened to me, and it may happen to you, so please read this and be aware my friends!!!

Last M0nday I was going through my emails and came across one from what looked like was Goodnight Macaroon. I have always wanted to work with this brand and the email provided a link to choose my outfits that would be sent to me. I have received numerous emails like this and clicked on the link attached and had my outfit choices. But this time was different. When I clicked on that link in this recent email it took me back to my Instagram page. I thought it was a mistake so I emailed the name back on the original email, but it bounced back to me, twice. I still didn’t really think anything of it. I direct messaged Goodnight Macaroon thinking I would hear from them the next day.

Later that night as I was getting ready for bed, I plugged my phone in and checked my Instagram as I always do. But this time, I couldn’t get in to my Instagram account. It said that there was no email by the name I wasn’t using found. I thought that was so strange. Then I checked my emails and I received an email stating that my Instagram was hacked and the hackers wanted 300$ in two hours or my account will be sold or photos deleted one by one. This could have been straight out of a Lifetime TV movie. My instagram was really being held for ransom? I couldn’t believe it. I was mortified that I would never get it back and all of the work I have done for the last 6 years would be gone. I panicked and called my girlfriend @lyndikennedy who told me this happened to her too. I went and told my husband who is an attorney and he didn’t want to scare them away so he decided to negotiate with the hackers. Remember this is all happening now at 12am. Ugh.

My husband came back upstairs as I was in tears, told me he negotiated to pay them 50$ in Bitcoin. Really? This is what all of my hard work came down to? 50$? So my husband sent it and followed their directions (yes for the ransom) and they said they would give the instructions on the new email and password within 10 minutes. And the wait began. We waited, and waited and NOTHING!!! They completely ghosted me. I kept emailing and NO RESPONSE. I was devastated and thought there is no way I was getting my account back It felt so violating.

After a night of no sleep, literally, I wrote on Facebook to a few groups I was in with other influencers, as well as reached out to Instagram and Facebook and filed a report. My husband also went to his business networks to try to get help. And again, I WAITED. I also reached to Juan who was referred to me by many influencers. I think a combination of special friends in my influencer groups, reaching out to Instagram, reaching out to Juan, and my hubby helping, my account was restored the following morning. I couldn’t believe it.

So friends I wanted to make you aware of not clicking on any links within emails that are unknown to you. As I have shared this story, more and more people have said this exact situation happened to them. When I clicked on the link to the supposed Goodnight Macaroon email, and it re routed to me Instagram, that was when the hackers got in and traced my account information. It was a phony email to begin with. That is why the email bounced back when I tried to contact them for my supposed outfits. It was a scam all along. I wanted to make sure you all are aware of people out there trying to take advantage of all of our hard work. So please please read every email carefully and don’t respond to any link unless you are sure it’s safe. I hope this information can help any of you so this doesn’t continue happening. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful influencer community to help me and if you are going through this please leave me comments and I will try to help you. Happy reading!!!!



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