Embracing Edgy Elegance with An Oversized Vest and Leather Shorts


























Vest- sold out, similar here// Leather Shorts// Cami// Boots// Red lip

Certain trends have a way of capturing the essence of modern chic while simultaneously nodding to the nostalgic past. Among these trends is the combination of oversized vests and leather shorts. This duo brings together the edginess of leather with the structured casualness of oversized vests, creating a look that’s as versatile as it is striking.

The oversized vest is no longer an accessory to office attire. It now is a  standalone piece that speaks volumes about structural play in outfits. The key to rocking an oversized vest is understanding its volume and how it interacts with the rest of your ensemble. Opt for vests that hit just below the hip to elongate the torso, like this one above from Anine Bing.

Leather shorts, once a symbol of summer rock festivals and rebellious streetwear, have now become a versatile staple. The key to integrating leather shorts into your wardrobe lies in selecting the right cut and fit. High-waisted versions accentuate the waist and offer a flattering silhouette, while looser fits ensure comfort without sacrificing style. These from Anine Bing are my favorites.

I paired this vest and leather shorts with a simple tank and some boots for a more edgy, fun vibe and perfect for transitioning into spring.

So remember, the oversized vest and leather shorts duo is a bold statement in the fashion world, that is a blend of sophistication and edge. ¬†It is the perfect look whether you’re stepping out for a casual day in the city or dressing up for an evening out.

You can shop this look by clicking on the links above or the photos below. Happy Reading!!!






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