Microblading and Microshading with Jennifer Hyland

You guys, I’m so excited to share with you my microblading and microshading experience with my beautiful friend Jennifer Hyland of Authentic Brows at Ms. Moxie Project in Newport Beach. She is a licensed aesthetician and has been doing eyebrows for the past twenty years.

In the world of beauty and self-expression, eyebrows play such an important role in framing the face and enhancing our appearance. Over the years, various techniques have emerged to achieve perfectly shaped and defined brows. Two popular methods that are currently on trend  are microblading and microshading. These semi-permanent makeup techniques offer a solution for those seeking to enhance their brows with precision and long-lasting results.

I just want to preface this by saying that I have been STRUGGLING with my eyebrows for years. I have recently been dealing with hormonal issues and thyroid problems that have caused my eyebrows not to grow and even bald spots on my brows. I have been trying to do them on my own, but they are always un even and never look quite right. So I called Jenn and finally decided to take the leap and try this. She said I needed a combo of mocroblading and microshading.

We first started out with mapping my eyebrows to make sure they are even. Then Jenn started the mircoblading process. She did a thorough consultation where wediscussed my  desired brow shape, color, and overall expectations. The procedure itself involves the following steps: 1. Numbing: A topical anesthetic was applied to help make me more comfortable throughout the process. 2. Jenn then started with Blade Strokes: She used a fine blade and created tiny incisions in the upper layers of the skin, mimicking natural hair strokes. Then she applied pigment to the incisions, allowing the strokes to blend with your natural brows.

Microblading has so many benefits. It provides natural-looking brows, with the meticulous strokes resembling real hair. It is semi-permanent: The results typically last 1-3 years, offering a long-lasting solution compared to daily brow makeup. And it is time-saving because it reduces time spent on daily brow maintenance.

Then Jenn began the microshading process. Microshading is another semi-permanent technique designed to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. It involves using a fine needle or machine to create tiny dots or shading patterns within the brow area. This technique fills in sparse areas, creates depth, and adds definition to the brows.  Jenn applied the pigment to create soft, shaded effects within the brows. There are many benefits to microshading. It provides a defined and polished look while creating a fuller and more defined brow shape. It is ideal for people like me with sparse brows.

I am so amazed with my results. My eyebrows are so different and I am loving them. No more  bald spots, no more uneven brows. Check out my reels on Instagram for all of the details.Jenn is the BEST. I am going back in about 4 weeks for a follow up to perfect the shape and color, ensuring longevity.

  1. You guys have to follow Jennifer Hyland @AuthenticBrows and make your appointment. I promise you will love it as much as I do. It’s time to give your brows the love they deserve. Happy Reading!!!



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