Makeup Monday with Pixi Skin Treats

Happy Makeup Monday!! Today I’m sharing some of my favorites from Pixi Beauty Skin Treats.

I just love the Pixi Beauty Skin Treats line. The Clarity Cleanser is a powerful trio of Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids that helps refresh and exfoliate the skin. It deep cleans to help minimize breakouts and purifies while rehydrating.

The Clarity Tonic is an alcohol free toner that helps promote the appearance of clearer skin.

I am loving the Clarity Concentrate. It is a water-based serum that helps minimize the look of pores, resulting in a clarifying effect. It quickly exfoliates, as well as hydrates and balances, while providing an even skin tone for a smoother, less breakout-prone complexion.

The Clarity Lotion is an oil-free moisturizer that provides an instant boost of lightweight hydration. It minimizes the appearance of pores and is the perfect priming moisturizer.
Every beauty girl NEEDS the Zero Zit treatment. It is a lightweight and quick-absorbing, solution that helps minimize redness, swelling and future breakouts.
I know that you will LOVE these Pixi Beauty Skin Treats Clarity Collection. You can shop by clicking on the links above or the photos below. Happy Reading!!
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