Makeup Monday

Happy Makeup Monday!! Today I’m talking all things Derma E and hair care.

Derma E Scalp Relief Shampoo–  Derma E’s Scalp Relief Shampoo works in four ways– to gently cleanse, deflake, soothe and nourish the scalp and hair. My younger son has battled eczema for years and this shampoo is perfect for an irritated scalp. It is 100% vegan and cruelty free, and does not contain GMO’s gluten or soy.

Derma E Scalp Relief Conditioner— This conditioner gently detangles, de-flakes, soothes and nourishes the scalp and hair and is safe for color-treated hair. Again, the perfect accompaniment to the scalp relief shampoo and perfect for that irrritated scalp.

Derma E Thickening Shampoo— Derma E’s Thickening Shampoo is made with a blend of naturally-derived proteins, vitamins, and oils to create an effective thickening formula that makes hair appear thicker and fuller. It also increases body, volume, and healthy hair growth for fuller and thicker looking hair.

Derma E Thickening Conditioner– Derma E’s Thickening Conditioner is a sulfate-free, hydrating conditioner that is infused with a blend of proteins and essential oils to help nourish the scalp and hair from root to tip. It nourishes the scalp, stimulates hair, reduces hair thinning and rejuvenates strands.

Derma E Scalp Relief Treatment-– Derma E’s Scalp Relief Treatment helps promote a balanced and hydrated scalp. It is a water-based serum that soothes and nourishes dry, itchy scalp to be more balanced, hydrated and healthy.

I am so excited to share these Derma E haircare products with you. They are perfect for the upcoming cooler temperatures with winter weather and how it can negatively affect our skin and scalp. You can shop these goodies by clicking on the links above or the photos below. Happy Reading!!



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