Makeup Mondays with Child Perfume

Child Perfume

Happy Makeup Monday!!! Today I’m sharing my love for a perfume– Child. You guys, this is the best scent ever!! I’m absolutely obsessed. I have been searching for a signature scent for myself for years, and friends, I have finally found it in Child Perfume.

Child smells so clean and fresh. I stumbled upon it from a friend in one of my exercise classes. She always wore it and it smelled so good. So I ordered it and have been in love ever since. I literally get stopped on the street by people asking me what I’m wearing. We also did a friends favorite gift exchange last year at the holidays where each of us girls gifted each other our favorite thing. This is definitely my favorite thing and I gifted each of the girls this amazing fragrance and they love it as much as I do!!!

I am hosting a giveaway starting today so you can win your own bottle of Child Perfume. All of the details are on my Instagram @everythingevelyne. So enter to win. You will fall in love with this scent as much as I have!!! Happy entering and Happy Reading!!!



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