Holiday Friday Favorites

  1. A Christmas Story— You guys!!! This is Jeff’s most favorite holiday movie. We are watching it with my boys.
  2. PJ Salvage Pajamas–These are the most soft and comfy pajamas ever! You have to try them out for yourself, or gift them to a friend.
  3. Anine Bing Sweatshirt-– I will always be an LA girl, so of course I needed this adorable sweatshirt to showcase my hometown spirit.
  4. Wireless Microphone-– This is the BEST! WE used it with my group of girls for caroling in the neighborhood. (Don’t worry, we were distanced outside.) So much fun.
  5. Nespresso Machine— Okay, we all know that a warm cup of coffee in the morning is a daily necessity. It’s the perfect way to wake up on Christmas morning. So even though you may feel like you’re splurging, you’ll actually be saving on every cup you brew with this beautiful machine. Plus, it’ll elevate your espresso game from just a regular k-cup. I’m so excited to share that it’s ON SALE RIGHT NOW too! There’s no better time to brew.

You can shop these holiday faves by clicking on the links above or the photos below. Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!!!




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