Makeup Monday

Happy Makeup Monday!! I wanted to share with you my wonderful experience at Skin Spirit in Newport Beach. I received a Diamond Glow facial by the amazing Shawna Jones (@thewrinklewarrior). You guys, this facial was incredible!!! It consists of three parts: Exfoliation– the precise diamond tip used helps remove dry, damaged skin; Extraction– High Power suction deep cleanses the skin surface and pores; Infustion–Skin is then prepped to receive serums for professional grade results. YOU NEED THIS FACIAL IN YOUR LIFE. It was incredible and you can check out the highlights on my Instagram in the beauty tab.

I picked up some great items to add to my everyday skin care routine on my visit to Skin Spirit. Shawna suggested two products that were some of her favorites for me to try:

  1. Zo Skin Health Obagi Complexion Renewal Pads- I just started using these and I love them. These pads help minimize surface oil while removing dead skin cells and dirt. My skin feels so clean after using these.
  2. Colore Science Sunforgettable SPF 30 Sunscreen Brush--This is the perfect sunscreen. I have been keeping it in my purse and applying it throughout the day as needed. You just brush it on your face in a circular motion. So so easy.

So my friends, give yourself a treat to this amazing facial at Skin Spirit and check out these skin changing products to add to your everyday routine. I promise you will love them. You can shop these products by clicking on the links above or picture below. Happy Reading!!!


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