My Favorite Moisturizers

You guys, moisturizing your body is so important as we are heading into the fall and winter months, and today I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to moisturize your body.

I love a good body cream for the cooler temperatures. It is thicker than body lotions and feels so good on dry skin. My favorite is from Jo Malone.  Literally this feels like butter on your skin. You will love it.

I love love this body oil from The Little Apocathary. I picked this up in LA on a visit to my bestie in the Palisades. It smells so good. I put a few drops of oil in my hand, then add unscented body lotion to moisturize.

So I really think the holy grail of all body lotions is the Creme de Corps from Kiehl’s.    It really is that good. It goes on so smooth and soft and I love mixing it with different scented oils. It is literally heavenly and helps so much with dry skin on my body and my hands.

You can shop these products by clicking the links above and the photos below. I am adding some more of my favorite body moisturizers below. Happy Reading!!!


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