How to Style a 3/4 Length Sleeve Blazer

Blazer// Tee// Jeans// Shoes// Sunglasses 


I went to visit my girl @anita_elysewalker and she introduced me to the cutest fashion trend, and I’m so excited to share it with you. @anita_elysewalker is such an amazing stylist and has the BEST tips my friends. You have to go visit her when you come to Elyse Walker in Newport Beach!!!

I spotted this amazing Isabel Marant blazer at the Elyse Walker sale (which is AMAZING). I wanted to get it but it seemed too long for my body frame. Anita pointed out that if I rolled up the sleeves to a 3/4 length,  (or have the tailor cut them) it changes the whole look of an otherwise overpowering piece ( like this long jacket) on a smaller body frame like me. This tip was life changing. It gave this jacket a completely different look. I now have brought so many blazers to my tailor to give them a 3/4 length sleeve also. On us ladies that are shorter and smaller, this tip makes the world of difference.

I added a cute graphic tee, some skinny jeans and these cute mules, and this blazer look was complete. What do you think of this tip? I would love to hear from you (especially my shorter girls–woop woop). You can shop this look by clicking on the links above or photos below. Happy Reading!!!!


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