It’s As Easy as 1,2,3 with Chella

I just love this new Eyebrow Cream Kit I just received from Chella. It is so easy to use and I love this cute packaging, am I right? The colors are perfect – the mauves and the pinks are so me!

For the eyebrow cream kit, I used the luscious light brown color. At first I thought the taupe might suit me, so if you have any questions before you purchase, you can always contact Chella, but you should be able to find your custom eyebrow shade color on their website.

I loved the pencil and gel as well. The applicator brush and the actual cream itself are nice too. I’m not usually a cream person but I tried it out and I’m happy how it turned out! It’s important to pay attention to eyebrow shape before you leave the house. I think women used to be more concerned about having their mascara done, but today’s trends seem to be more centered on the brow. With that being said, I like subtle, natural brows – not something too dramatic. But that’s the great thing about this kit. You can add as much or as little product as you want to create the perfect brow for your face shape. Which is exactly what I did in my IGTV video. Check it out now to see my simple video tutorial.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3  That’s it — only 3 steps.

  1. FILL– Use the Eyebrow Cream in your preferred shade to fill in your eyebrows. Just apply the cream in small hair like strokes (with the brush applicator included) beginning in the middle of the brow where it is naturally darker. Then continue sketching small hair like strokes from the arch to the tail. It’s up to you to determine how full you prefer eyebrow your look to be.
  2. DEFINE– Next apply the Eyebrow Defining Gel in Clear by brushing the hairs in an upward motion to your desire of fullness. This helps keep the cream and shape of the eyebrows in place.
  3. HIGHLIGHT– Lastly apply the Chella Highlighting Pencil along the arch under the brow and blend it downward toward the eyelid with the Chella Dual Blending Brush. This is a game changer and gives the perfect finishing touch.

So, I hope you guys try out Chella and this easy eyebrow kit. I know you will love it as much as I do!! Happy Reading!!!




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