My Morning Skincare Routine

So friends, how is the quarantine treating you? I know its like the movie Groundhog Day right, where we do the same thing everyday. But one thing we have to make sure to make a priority everyday is our skincare routine. And today, I wanted to share with you my morning skincare routine!!

I have been seeing my dermatologist, Rosa from Newport Coast Dermatology,  for about the past 6 years. She has literally changed my skin. Her advice has made such a difference and my skin has never looked better!!!

When I first started seeing Rosa, I was guilty of overwashing and using way too many products on my face. She pulled me off of everything and we started with a clean slate. Rosa suggested we keep it simple and only use a few products. At first, I was very resistant. None of these products were luxurious, or name brands.  I was so used to using the best, most expensive department store products. So I decided to trust her and start fresh with all new products (this was HARD).

So here are my everyday products.

Cetaphil– I wash my face with this every morning (and night). I like this foam version.

Vitamin C Serum– This is important to add to your morning routine to help add brightness to your skin. I use the brand from Rosa’s office but there are many good options that I will list below.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum– This is such a staple in my routine. I use this morning and night. It helps keep my skin hydrated.

Glycolic Acid– This helps to reduce fine lines and also helps brighten the skin.

Moisturizer– I typically use this at night, but if it is cold and dry out I will use it in the day too. A good moisturizer is so important again to help keep skin hydrated.

I have to give a big thank you to Rose and everyone at Newport Coast Dermatology. They are incredible and these few changes in my skin routine has improved my skin so much. Click on the pictures below to shop and add these products to your everyday routine. You will see such a difference in your skin!! Happy Reading!!!

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