Voluspa Candles

Now that this is a new year, it’s time to get to those home projects that I never seem to get to. Don’t we all do this? One of my goals for 2020 is to tackle some of these home decor projects. And thanks to one of my besties @sapphirediaries (check out all of her amazing decor, OMG so inspiring), I am finally motivated to make some small decor changes that I believe make a huge difference.

The first place I wanted to start was adding some new candles throughout my home. Candles are such a perfect little touch that not only look beautiful but make your home smell beautiful. My all time favorite candle is from Voluspa. This particular one (I’m obsessed) was actually given to me by two very special friends for my big birthday (and what a coincidence that both of their names are Brian). This candle is literally so incredible. It’s such a great size and smells so amazing. It is a little pricey but well worth it. And it makes such a statement in any room. Currently it is on my hallway cabinet. I love this space and added a few more Voluspa candles, but do you have any other suggestions on what I can add to this space? Let me know. I would love to hear your ideas!!!

I’ve linked my favorite candles below. You absolutely need some on your life and please share with me some of your candle decorating ideas. You can shop by clicking on the links and photos below. Happy Reading!!!




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