My Home Office







Desk– World Market
Chair– World Market
Pillows– World Market
Accessories– World Market
Couch– similar here
Now that my boys are growing up I think I am ready for a change. Benjamin is now 19 and goes to University of Colorado, Boulder. He is so happy there and is in a fraternity and loving life. Zachary is 13 and is in middle school and becoming a teenager more and more every day. So I decided that it is time to convert their old play room into a home office for me and my blogging. 
It’s hard when your kids get older and you don’t feel needed as much, and this blog has been the perfect outlet for me to get my mind off of missing them and their younger years. I can’t thank you  enough for supporting me all along the way, and this office is the perfect reminder of my new life with older kids and more time for myself.
So I wanted to share with you my cute pieces and how I organized my space. Do you have a space carved out for yourself in your home? I would love to hear about it. Thanks to Kara Nixon for photos. You can shop these items in the links above. Happy Reading!!!!!


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