Jennifer Lopez X Niyama Sol






Tank Top– Similar– Zella
Jacket– Similar Zella
Tennies– Nike (my new fave– I wear these everyday)
Have you heard of the Jennifer Lopez X Niyama Sol line? These exercise bras and leggings are not only so comfortable and come in a variety of amazing prints an colors, but are also made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET). Isn’t that so unique? They are so environmentally friendly and I am all about that these days. Are you with me?


First of all JLo is literally one of my favorite people. She is my age, a mom of two, so talented in every area (singing, dancing, acting) and just seems like an overall good person. I feel like I could be friends with her in real life (do you ever think that of certain famous people)? And I even love her more knowing that she is creating products that are good with for the environment. You have to check out this adorable line. And I love my top and jacket from Lululemon. I love working out and hanging out in workout clothes. Don’t you? Thanks to Kara Nixon for photos. You can shop this look by clicking on the links above. Happy Reading!!!!



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