Lately, I have been really getting into home decor . Have you seen the Marie Kondo series on Netflix? That has absolutely inspired me to organize and do projects around my home. And the perfect place to start…. Photos of course.
I have so many photos stored on my phone. Who doesn’t right? Photos of my kids, my husband, my girlfriends and the list goes on and on. I love to walk by photos in my home reminiscing about the memories that each photo holds. 
I was lucky enough to partner with Framebridge and create this amazing gallery wall. You need to see all that Framebridge has to offer. I love this cute wall and I loved how easy it was to set up. Everything to hang up my beautiful frames was included and my hubby hung it all up in no time. 
So friends, check out Framebridge and start Marie Kondoing your home by organizing your photos and creating a beautiful gallery wall. Thanks so much to Framebridge and thanks to Kara Nixon for photos. Happy Reading!!!
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