An Evening with Toyota

I was lucky enough to be treated to a wonderful evening with CALTY, which is the Toyota design studio. It was such an amazing experience. 



We toured this facility and it was so interesting to see how the progression of car design has changed so much through the years. I love this because my husband’s all time favorite car is the Toyota Celica (he has owned two and one was his very first car ever).




I loved how we also were able to watch one of the artists at work!! He was so talented.
We also were shown all about the new Toyota Avalon and all of it’s amazing features. 


We then left the CALTY studio and were off to a delicious dinner at one of my favorite Newport Beach restaurants, Bayside, followed by a fun painting class by Timree (one of my favorites girlies). And how cute that we painted the new Toyota Avalon, right?



I wanted to thank Toyota for this amazing experience. I had the best time, with the best company and learned so much!!!!


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