Happy Anniversary




My cute hubby and I just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated by having a beautiful dinner at Watermarc in Laguna Beach. I cannot believe that I have known him since high school and he was my prom date!! I really am a lucky lady and found my true love so young!!!
I’m not going to lie. Marriage is hard work. Jeff and I make sure every day to connect and get in touch with what the other is doing. When we first had Ben, our oldest son, we had a sitter every Saturday night so we could have dinner and really talk, uninterrupted. We continued this tradition with Zachary as well. 
So if I could give any advice to you ladies out there (new wives or new moms), just remember to make your hubby a priority and enjoy time with him. That could be during a date night in, or out, or a nice long walk or weekend away. Just remember to put away your phones and really talk to each other. This little ritual goes a long way!!! How so you guys connect with your significant other? I would love to hear about it!!!



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