Friday Favorites– Teenology

I am so excited to share this new brand of teen hair care!!! I am the mom of two teen and pre teen boys and let me tell you, these products are amazing!!!
We all know the teen years are difficult right? Don’t you remember? It is the time of hormones, hormones, hormones. And the awful word, yep, acne. Well Teenology is a line of hair and body products (including shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, and body wash) that are the perfect answer to this difficult time in a teen’s life. It is one of the first unisex hair and body care product lines of its kind.  Each and every aspect of Teenology was designed based on the likings of teens, including its unique scents, packaging, and formula. Teenology’s motto is “Be in the clear and avoid breakouts caused by sulfates, paragons, and certain oils”. 
I had Zachary, my 12 year old try out the line. He not only loved the shampoo and conditioner (and he commented on how cool the packaging was), but he has been using the body wash daily. He loves the smell. And he has such sensitive skin, so as a mom knowing that these products won’t irritate his skin and cause breakouts is very comforting.
I would love you parents of teens and pre teens to try this line out. You can use my discount code EVELYNE15 and you will receive 15% on any two products, and shipping is free on orders $25 or more. This code expires on September 30, so with school starting, this is the perfect time to order and get a jumpstart on a new hair routine for your teens. Again here is the website . Please comment and let me know how much you love it. Happy Reading!!!!



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