Microblading 101


 I have been struggling with my thinning eyebrows for years. As women get older, eyebrows become thinner and more sparse. I have tried growth serums and the best brow pencils but nothing has worked.  I have a very dear friend who is a makeup and eyebrow specialist and she recommended Microblading. I thought why not give it a try. I completely trust her. Her name is Kim Putnam at Salon 359 in Newport Beach.


 I must explain how bad my eyebrows were in these before pictures. I used a hair growth serum and had a bad reaction. I literally lost half of my right brow. It was awful.


 You can also see how thin the right brow is too.



Here is Kim performing her magic on me. She started by applying a numbing gel that stayed on for 30 minutes. Then she began literally drawing on hairs to make my brows fuller. She is so talented. She matched the color perfectly to my existing brows and skin tone.






And can we talk about these after pictures? My brows are so much darker and fuller and look incredible right? And I love how natural looking they are too, I’m not gonna lie– it is a bit painful, but I know you can do it ladies. Kim pointed out that they will be darker for about a week then fade a bit.


Here is my look about three weeks after. They are a bit faded but still look amazing. I will be going back in a week for a touch up and then it should last a good 9 more months. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my brows and people have been noticing how good they look. Who would have thought eyebrows make such a difference? But they really do. I highly recommend investing the time and money and seeing Kim at Salon 359 for microblading. You will be so happy you did it.
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