January Instagram Round Up

I started this year with a bang in this cute tulle skirt. I’m absolutely obsessed. Read all about it here.


I’m really trying to add color in my life and my new fave color is mustard!!!! How cute is this top?? You can read more about it here.



 I love when I find the perfect top and skinnies!!! You can read more about it here.  



I am absolutely obsessed with Free People dresses. Every season a new style comes out and I have to have it. This is my newest favorite. Read all about it here.


I love a great duster and this one is super cute. Read more here.
I love everything about cute graphic tees and this one is my new fave. Read about it here.
I love all blazers. This one is sooooo good. Read more here.
I can’t wait to share more fun with you in February. You can click on the links on the posts to shop these looks!! Happy Reading!!!



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