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Happy Friday and almost weekend!!! Today I want to introduce you to an amazing line of cosmetics called Holliegirl. I am absolutely in love and I promise you will be too.
This line was created by my girl Hollie. She has put her heart, soul and knowledge of makeup and skin care into these products. I love supporting women who are creating their own businesses. They are so inspiring!!!!
My girlfriends always tell me they are afraid of wearing a bold lip color and stick to their nude lip. It makes them feel safe and comfortable. Look at these gorgeous Holliegirl lip glosses, lipsticks, lip lacquer, and liquid lipsticks. They are incredible and I have been wearing them nonstop.  And the best part is that you can wear big, bold colors all year round!! So have fun with trying out some of these beautiful bold lip colors. And don’t forget to add some cheek stains and highlighters, and foundation and concealers to come.  Let me know what you think!!! Happy Reading!!!!


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