Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites by everythingevelyne featuring nars cosmetics

Happy Friday!!! Here are my favorites for this week!!

1. Ruffle Shirt–I love this Topshop shirt. How cute are the sleeves?

2. Emboidered Jeans— These are so on trend right now.

3. Round Bag-– I absolutely am in love with this round bag. This is so on trend and I love how feminine it is.

4. Open Toe Booties--I just got these from Nordstrom. They are currently on sale and so comfortable.

5. Nars Lipstick— This is brand new and I love the color Orgasm.

6. Nars Liquid Blush— I’m absolutely obsessed with this Orgasm color and how easy it goes on.

I hope you have the best weekend. Let me know what you think of these faves!!! Happy reading!!!!

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