Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites by evelyne-zygielman-marks featuring modern home decor

Happy Mother’s Day!!! I love spending Mother’s Day with my hubby and my two boys. I look forward to that special pampering. But it is also a little sad day for me too. I lost my mom 6 years ago and she was my best friend. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of wonderful memories of her. So for this post, I listed all of her favorite things that I have bought her as gifts. These are all such fabulous gift ideas for all the moms out there!!!

A Great Nightgown--Mom’s love nightgowns right? They never buy these for themselves so this is the perfect opportunity to gift them one. This one from Nordstrom is so cute. I love the colors.

A Pretty Bouquet of Flowers— This is always the perfect gift. Who doesn’t like flowers?

Veuve Champagne-– This is the creme de la creme of champagne. My mom was from France and this was her absolute favorite.

Barefoot Contessa Cookbook— My all time favorite cook ever!!! I have the best memories watching her show with my mom!! I love these recipes.

Perfume– Coco Chanel— This was my mom’s favorite scent and I love it too. It is so wonderful.

Slippers– I have the best memories of my mom always wearing her slippers. She was convinced that slippers kept your feet warm and prevented illness.

I hope you all have the best Mother’s Day. What are some of your traditions or special memories? I would love to hear about them. Happy Reading!!!



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