Girl’s Night at Spa Gregories





White Top– Holly Sharp. Similar here and here
Mules– DVF-– Similar here
I just love a good Girl’s Night Out, don’t you? My girlfriend Stacie, marketing coordinator organized this amazing night at a wonderful Newport Beach Spa, Spa Gregories.                                                   
The evening started with Cathy and I being picked up at my house by the car service See Jane Go. This service is so unique because it is a ride-hail option with women in mind. See Jane Go offers a women driving women trusted alternative to traditional ride hail. I loved it because it took out the sometimes uncomfortable option with car services where men are primarily the drivers. You have to check out their site in this link above.
We then arrived at our destination,  Spa Gregorie’s. Cathy and I had so much fun sipping on delicious cocktails, eating yummy treats and visiting with all of the vendors. There were mini services, and great demos on skincare. We had the best time.
One vendor in particular was Shop Checka,I absolutely fell in love with this athleisure line and can’t wait to share the cutest outfit I picked up on a later post.
I hope you check out all the amenities Spa Gregorie’s has to offer. You can shop my outfit by clicking on the links above. Thanks to Cathy Cordas for pictures and Happy Reading!!!!


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