Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites by everythingevelyne featuring silver home decor

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite celebrations!!! I have loved it ever since I was a little girl. Remember celebrating it in school with passing out Valentines and candy to all your friends in the class? It’s so fun to relive these traditions through my boys. I wanted to share with you my favorite gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!!!!

1. Kate Spade Heart bag— How cute is this? It just makes me happy!!

2. Voluspa Candle— These not only smell wonderful, they are also beautiful decor!!

3. Kate Spade Socks-– I love these!!!

4.Tory Burch perfume– This is a special edition for Valentine’s Day!!!

5. Sugarfina Candy– I’m obsessed! with Rose all Day flavor!!

6. Heart Earrings— So perfect!!

7. Nordstrom Red Pajamas— How fun and festive are these!!

8. Casetify Phone Case-– This is the cutest!!

9. Nordstrom Heart Pillow— It’s so fun to add some Valentines to your home decor!!!

I can’t wait to share with you some more Valentines Day posts coming soon!! So stay tuned!!! You can shop these items by clicking on the links above!! Happy Reading!!



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