Friday Favorites– The Bar Method



Happy Friday!! Today I wanted to share with you my passion for exercise and my favorite workout is The Bar Method!! I work out at the Newport Studio (a Costa Mesa studio has also just opened). The owners Jessica Rennison, Whitney Bania and Anika Yaeger are just amazing ladies. I love all of the instructors and members too.
The Bar Method is the safest, most effective barre brand around. It is the original barre fitness. There are four types of classes– Mixed (for all levels), Level 2 (a step up from mixed), Bar Moves (a hybrid type class of a little bit of everything) and the newest class Bar Express (when you don’t have a ton of time).
Ladies I am absolutely in love with this workout!! I highly recommend it and a membership or some class packages make the perfect holiday gift!!!! If I can do it so can you. So check out this amazing facility and happy reading!!!!


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