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I am always looking for better ways to take care of my skin. Enza Essentials  reached out to me to try their amazing line of skin care products. What I loved most was that they sent me a questionnaire before they sent me any products and they chose products based on my specific skin type. After I had kids, and through the years, my skin has changed so much. It is now a little sensitive and more oily. So this was great to have a skin care routine designed just for me.
Enza sent me a folder with a specific skin care regimen for me to follow. There is a morning and evening routine. I have been using these products for about the last three weeks. I can say I am in love. These products are incredible.
My morning routine consisted of the following:
1. Sustaining Cleanser– I did a double cleanse (two times) to get rid of all residue.
2. Cool Sustaining Toner– I love how smooth and clean this makes my skin feel.
3. Glycolic Serum– This is so wonderful because it is so lightweight.
4. Advanced Protection SPF 30– This is such an amazing everyday sunscreen. It is also very light.
My evening routine consisted of the following:
1. Sustaining Cleanser– Another double cleanse.
2. Fine Facial Polish– I used this 2X per week to remove dead skin.
3. Cool Sustaining Toner– I swiped this gently with a cotton swab.
4. Glycolic Serum– Same as in the AM.
5. Sustaining Glow Cream– This helps moisturize skin overnight.
I can’t thank Enza Essentials enough for providing me with these amazing products. I absolutely love them. My skin looks so incredible!! I hope you all visit their website to learn more about the perfect Enza Essentials skin care regime for you!!! Happy reading!!!!
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