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I  just visited the most amazing place–Facialworks in Newport Beach!!! It is an oxygen facial bar.  Basically Facialworks has taken the popular casual luxury bar concept and applied it to skincare. The result is a skincare experience unlike anything else. The guests are greeted with coffee, tea or a glass of champagne and then seated at a 5-chair “bar”. Services are performed while the guests sip champagne and catch one of their favorite flicks. The treatment itself is a hydrating “going out” facial that utilizes the incredible power of hyperbaric oxygen machines to infuse a specially designed serum into the skin.  The best part is the affordable price of $50 to start. They also carry a full line of Facialworks products from cleansers to masks to the latest growth factor technology. 
I was lucky enough to get one of these amazing facials. I chose the Classicworks Facial. I sat at the bar and had this 40 minute facial that was heavenly!!!! I loved that Facialworks provided such a simple concept. I just sat down at the bar and began my treatment (There was no quiet room, no robe to change into). For a mom on the go like me, I really enjoyed the ease of my experience.  I also loved the oxygen machine that infused my skin. This was such a unique experience. When my treatment was over, my skin was literally glowing. It looked so soft and refreshed. I think every girl needs to visit Facialworks once a month to rejuvenate their skin (I know I will). Hope to see you at Facialworks sometime soon!!! Happy reading!!!! 



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