Thursday Beauty Finds

Thursday Beauty Finds


Thursday Beauty Finds by everythingevelyne featuring a lip gloss

I was lucky enough to attend an unbelievable Vanity Fair Social Club Oscars Event last weekend at the Platform in Los Angeles (more details to come). Sir John, L’Oreal makeup artist to many stars, including Beyonce spoke about some of his must haves to be red carpet ready. I wanted to share with you some of these amazing L’Oreal products. I actually got my makeup done at the event using some of these products: Blush– This True Match blush was the perfect pop of color for my cheeks; Powder– This Infallible 24 Hr Matte Powder is my favorite!!! It added the perfect amount of coverage; This eyeshadow palette has the perfect shades; Sir John was a big fan of these infallible lipsticks that last forever; and I really liked this true match concealer. I hope you try some of these L’Oreal products. I want to hear which are your favorites!! Happy reading!!! You can shop my look by clicking on the pictures below!!!





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