Save vs Splurge

Save vs Splurge


Save vs Splurge by everythingevelyne featuring a blue jean jacket

Denim jackets always seem to be on trend. The styles change but a great denim jacket is timeless. This season the new style trend is oversized denim jackets. I love this splurge option by Current Elliot, one of my favorite designers. I love the dark wash and boxy style, but this version carries a hefty price tag of $168.00. I found this save Topshop option that looks almost identical for only $66.00. So whichever option you choose I highly recommend investing in one of these oversized denim jackets this year. I think you will wear it often, especially over dresses, graphic tees and leggings, or even over jeans. Let me know what version is your favorite. Happy reading!!!!!



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