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Hi guys!!!! Cathy and I were on location last Sunday night at the Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy Silver Screen 5th Annual Student Soiree. It took place at the Westin South Coast Plaza. We were covering this event for Fashionista Now Boarding, which airs every Friday morning at 6:00am on Channel 63 (Set your DVR’s). This Friday, my interview with the Toni and Guy models and stylists, as well as Rachel Brumbaugh, the head of the Toni and Guy Academy in Costa Mesa will air, so please tune in and let me know what you think!!!
Once a year, Toni and Guy Academies all over the world host a student soiree. This is a tradition that is so important to a student’s education as it builds leadership, creativity, and technical and artistic skills. The Costa Mesa campus of Toni and Guy shared this tradition by hosting this amazing show.
Six films were represented in the show: 1) Hairspray showcased hairstyles and fashion from the 1960’s focusing on vibrant colors and bold eyeliner; 2) Avatar was inspired by the primal themes from the movie with long braided looks, colorful makeup and edgy outfits; 3) Beetlejuice was a fun look at the dream sequence in the film with pops of color and a macabre style; 4) 5th Element drew inspiration of a combination of old classics and innovative hair, wardrobe and makeup; 5)Hunger Games was inspired by Avant Garde hair and bold makeup and wardrobe and 6) Gatsby focused on the roaring twenties with a contemporary twist. This was an incredible evening that showcased incredible new up and coming talent.
So don’t forget to tune in to Fashionista Now Boarding, Channel 63, 6:00am Friday mornings to see this interview and more on style, fashion and blogging. Thanks to Cathy Cordas for photos and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin. Happy reading!!!!


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