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Hi guys. This is such an exciting post to share with you. I posted a few weeks ago on my 
Interview with Manna Kadar, of Manna Kadar Cosmetics and host of Fashionista Now Boarding about my views and thoughts on OC Fashion Week.





Hauteoc Traveler introduces Fashionista Now Boarding the Show Series for those that love fashion and travel. Makeup pro Manna Kadar is the host of Fashionista Now Boarding alongside special guests visits, behind the scenes look at friends, trends and beauty secrets and of course fashion, style and blogging. 


Now I would love you to check out my Fashionista Now Boarding Interview. And I’m proud to announce that I will be the new correspondent with Manna at Fashionista Now Boarding.  I will help Manna provide you with the latest information on style, fashion and blogs. 

In our interview, Manna and I discussed the highlights of OC Fashion Week including Avant Garde, featuring America’s Next Top Models Will Jardell, Ben Shreen, Matthew Stephen, and Lisa d’Amato, as well as demistifying a few myths of OC Fashion Week. Manna and I had the best time collaborating at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel.  Please check out the interview in it’s entirety at this You Tube Link 
Hope you enjoy this and don’t forget to tune in for future episodes. 


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