My Favorite Spring Pink Lip Colors

1)  and 2) Urban Decay– Catfight and Jilted– Urban Decay
3) Chantecaille Contour Fill Lip Pencil– Nordstrom
4) Two Faced Melted in Fuchsia — Two Faced
5) Mac Candy Yum Yum– Nordstrom
Hi guys!!!! Spring is here!!! Spring time reminds me of bright fun colors in clothing and makeup, especially lipstick.  I’ve talked about lipstick before. I LOVE color on lips when you pair it with lighter makeup on your eyes. I always wear a great red in the fall and a fun pink in the spring and summer. It gives me a pop of color and makes me feel more refreshed. 
Ladies tell me all the time, I can’t wear color on my lips, it doesn’t look good on me. But my advice is yes you can. Maybe not everyday, but give it a try from time to time. I’ve listed my favorite pinks for Spring. Try one out and let me. Know what you think. I also added the Chantecaille contour fill pencil which my cousin Michelle introduced me to. She is a fabulous makeup artist and recommends this so brighter colors don’t bleed. It works wonders. Please leave me comments and let me know how your search for the perfect Spring pink is going!! You will be so surprised with the results once you try a little color on your lip. Happy reading and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin. 
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