AnQui at Crustacean -OC Fashion Week





Hi guys!!!!! Cathy and I just attended my most favorite night during OC Fashion Week. The House of Style Show celebrating Avant Garde fashion, was held at AnQui by Crustacean on its amazing glass catwalk. 
The evening began with the introduction of Hidden Warriors collection, headdress designs dedicated to helping cancer survivors gain strength and self-confidence.  The night continued on the runway with America’s Next Top Models and emerging talent featuring the collections of Porter South, Elizabeth Celaya, Jessica Johnson, and returning designer Jessica Huerta. The show concluded with Lady Gaga’s latest eyewear, Muse, an Avant Garde Collection by Stevie Boi.
This night was so incredible. Cathy and I were so honored to attend. Thanks to Cathy Cordas for photos and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin.  What do you think of the Avant Garde collections? Let me know and Happy reading.



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