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Discover the World You’ve Been Missing. Orange County’s the holy grail of fashion by Everything Evelyne…
Hi guys!!! Everyone knows that Orange County is synonomous for being fashionably fashionable year- round.  It is one of the greatest shopping destinations in the world. Yet, there is a prevailing after-thought that I felt needs to be revealed: What is OC Fashion Week? 
Most have heard of New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Singapore Fashion Week – however, Orange County has its own Fashion Week. 
I wanted to clarify some myths about OC Fashion Week.
Myth #1: OC Fashion Week and Style Week are the same thing.
No.  They are very different.  Style Week is a showcase of style makers and fashion brands in Orange County, most notably recognized as ‘After-market’.  OC Fashion Week, however, showcases emerging designers which we can call as “Before-market’.  
Myth #2 OC Fashion Week is in one destination.   In true Chanel style, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” (by Coco Chanel).   OC Fashion Week events are at different fashion destinations, each that highlight a different category of fashion design from Sports Wear to Avant-Garde. The runway back drops are complimented by the very cultural attributes that OC Fashion Week
embraces (which include the 25 million dollar Sculpture Garden of Dawson Cole Fine Art in Laguna Beach and the iconic glass catwalk of ANQI by Crustacean). 
Myth #3  Avant-Garde Fashion is not necessary at Fashion Week. To be in fashion without avant-garde is like saying there are no creative geniuses for Lady Gaga.  The world is a much more colorful and vivid place when we discover the genius within that builds on their creative instinct. I can hardly wait for House of Style Avant-Garde at ANQI by Crustacean.  This late night show will be the ultimate show runner. Avant Garde is absolutely necessary.
Myth #4 OC Fashion Week is produced by an event planning company. OC Fashion Week is produced by a luxury travel agency, Hauteoc, which is dedicated to promoting in-bound fashion tourism in Orange County.  Hauteoc Traveler is dedicated to the fashionable travelers of Orange County. It’s founder began a non-profit division called the OC Fashion Council to authenticate OC Fashion Week’s role in the fashion capital industry. The OC Fashion Council aligns charitable missions alongside an educational platform for student interns and apprenticeships to provide applied theory programs together pair some of the leading fashion schools in Orange County.
Myth #5 OC Fashion Week is closed to the public. OC Fashion Week can’t turn its back on its fashionable neighbors and friends.  OC Fashion Week is open to everyone, helps the local economy and makes its contribution to Southern California by supporting the emerging designers and talents looking to be discovered.  So come to OC Fashion Week and do a body good www.ocfashionweek.com
I can’t wait to bring you all the most current and behind the scenes footage from OC Fashion Week. Don’t forget to buy you tickets and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin. Hope to see you there!!!!
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