Black and Blue

Hi guys!!!! I am loving that we are finally having winter weather here in Newport Beach. When I think of winter I think of wearing black. For some reason the color black and dark rainy winter days and nights go together. I wanted to share with you adding other colors besides black into your winter wardrobe, and blue is a great option.
I love the combination of black and blue. Here I’m wearing a sparkly blue tank top by Honey Punch, paired with my Paige black coated jeans, my favorite blazer and black open toed booties. The blue adds a little special something to an ordinary black outfit. I also love this black clutch. I think a simple black clutch is a perfect addition to your evening outfit. It’s the perfect accompaniment for your lipstick, phone and money. So try this black and blue combination and let me know how you wear these colors together!!! I’d love hearing from you. Thanks to Cathy Cordas for photo editing. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin. Happy reading!!!
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