Calabasas Fashion for the Los Angeles Register

Hi guys!!!! I’m excited to share my writing debut (and Cathy’s photography debut) for the Los Angeles Register, which was published August 17th.  We were asked to find women with great style and photograph and interview them about their outfits. We went to the Commons in Calabasas and found five women with great styles and personalities. 
Cathy and I at the Commons ready to start the photo shoot.
Stacey Pomerance Maiman wearing an adorable jumpsuit by Vavavoom, Zoom wedges and Amanda Jordan bracelets.
Dani Kaplan (with her daughter Morgan) wearing Lululemon yoga pants, A target tank and Nike tennis shoes.
Kellie Singer wearing a Kimchee Blue cream Romper from Anthroplogie, Topshop wedges and Ooh by Paula Jewelry.
Kellie and Stacey getting ready for lunch at Marmalade cafe.
Cathy and I were so lucky because we found five women with great styles and personalities. Some women were shopping at Barnes and Noble or having lunch at Marmalade Cafe, while others were shopping across the street at Blush Boutique (one of my favorites). We had a fun day in Calabasas taking pictures and interviewing beautiful women about their great outfits. Let me know if you ever go to Calabasas and what your favorite things are to do there. Check out the Los Angeles Register and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@everythingevelyne), Facebook and Bloglovin. Thanks to Cathy Cordas for photos and editing!!! Happy reading!!!
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