Spring Break Part 3

Lush Dress– Harpers  949-644-7467
Sandals– Tory Burch — Nordstrom
Headband– Nordstrom

Hi guys!!!! I promise this is my last spring break post from my trip to Palm Desert. I just love this white dress by Lush. I bought it at my girlfriend Erica’s store Harper’s in Corona del Mar. She has great pieces like these dresses that are cute and affordable.  This white dress is a great vacation outfit. It is comfortable and cool for hot weather.

I paired this dress with one of my favorite spring/summer staples– Tory Burch gold sandals, which are very versatile and I love pairing gold and white.

I also added a gold headband which I bought at Nordstrom.  This is a great piece to pair with your outfit after you have been at the pool all day and don’t know what to do with your hair!!!

Try a new look on your next vacation.  Maybe add some white or gold into your wardrobe or a new hair accessory.  Have fun with it. Let me know what you think. Photo credits to Cathy Cordas. Thanks again. Happy reading!!!

Love, Evelyne

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