Thursday, June 8, 2017

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites by everythingevelyne featuring nars cosmetics

Happy Friday!!! Here are my favorites for this week!!

1. Ruffle Shirt--I love this Topshop shirt. How cute are the sleeves?

2. Emboidered Jeans-- These are so on trend right now.

3. Round Bag-- I absolutely am in love with this round bag. This is so on trend and I love how feminine it is.

4. Open Toe Booties--I just got these from Nordstrom. They are currently on sale and so comfortable.

5. Nars Lipstick-- This is brand new and I love the color Orgasm.

6. Nars Liquid Blush-- I'm absolutely obsessed with this Orgasm color and how easy it goes on.

I hope you have the best weekend. Let me know what you think of these faves!!! Happy reading!!!!

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