Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites by everythingevelyne featuring silver home decor

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite celebrations!!! I have loved it ever since I was a little girl. Remember celebrating it in school with passing out Valentines and candy to all your friends in the class? It's so fun to relive these traditions through my boys. I wanted to share with you my favorite gift ideas for Valentine's Day!!!!

1. Kate Spade Heart bag-- How cute is this? It just makes me happy!!

2. Voluspa Candle-- These not only smell wonderful, they are also beautiful decor!!

3. Kate Spade Socks-- I love these!!!

4.Tory Burch perfume-- This is a special edition for Valentine's Day!!!

5. Sugarfina Candy-- I'm obsessed! with Rose all Day flavor!!

6. Heart Earrings-- So perfect!!

7. Nordstrom Red Pajamas-- How fun and festive are these!!

8. Casetify Phone Case-- This is the cutest!!

9. Nordstrom Heart Pillow-- It's so fun to add some Valentines to your home decor!!!

I can't wait to share with you some more Valentines Day posts coming soon!! So stay tuned!!! You can shop these items by clicking on the links above!! Happy Reading!!

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