About Me

Hi everyone I'm Evelyne. I'm originally from Los Angeles but now live in Newport Beach California. I'm a wife to my wonderful husband Jeff, and mom to two amazing boys Ben who is 14, and Zach who is 8.
Now that my boys are getting older I've thought about what the next chapter of my life will be like. I realized how much I love fashion, and talk about styling outfits and things I love with all my girlfriends. So I thought why not write a blog about what I love to wear on girls nights out, date nights with your hubby, running errands around town, or taking my kids out. This blog is for everyone, whether you are a mom who wants to put some style back into your wardrobe or you just want outfit advice. Because not matter your age or lifestyle, you can still have a cute and trendy wardrobe!I hope I can inspire you to have fun looking your best whenever you can. It's easier than you think!!!


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  1. Hi Evelyne - just discovered your blog and enjoyed flipping through the pages. Keep up the good work! If you get a chance, check out our new DIY fashion idea, Mayu Silk Art ( Maybe some day you'd like to include us in one of your stories :) - Star M.

  2. Hi mommy I love your blog! From zach